What About my work

Most of my work is by commission. No matters wherever you are, we can work together online. I am fascinated by the idea of creating unique pieces tailored for unique people in unique spaces.  A private 3-way conversation with different nuances for each client.  I carry out commissions for individuals and companies, adapting each art piece to their preferences and budget.


If the style of my work matches yours, please send me photographs and/or videos of the wall or area to be decorated, preferably with daylight, measurements and orientation.  Tell me your preferences with regards to my collection and together we will choose a composition and colour palette that suits your needs and desires.


When I receive the measurements and photographs, I will contact you so we can have a talk about your pictorial preferences and format possibilities, composition and budget.  Once accepted, I will work on your custom piece, normally within 2-4 weeks.

Payment to be made in full when the piece is finished, if it makes you fall in love and meets your expectations.  I work for the love of art, and I need to know that this piece is going to add to you seeing it every day, and that you are acquiring it for love, no prior commitment is required. If the whole process flows freely, the payment is to be made before shipping. For shipments I work with a family-run transport company who will contact you for the delivery.


If you have any questions, no matter how small, please feel free to ask me, call me or send me a message.  The way I work is very close and tailored to each person, it will be a pleasure to resolve any questions that may arise before and during the process of putting together your piece.

THANKS, With Love